Easy 12 salads recipes | Homemade salad recipes | 12 Indian Salad

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Hi guys welcome to my YouTube page. This is Foram Shah certified nutritionist and your health coach.
In this video I am sharing my best 12 salad recipes which are easy to make & super yummy in taste. These recipes are home made recipes. Hope you like the recipes.
List of salads
1-hummus subway salad
2-pasta salad
3-Salad in jar
4-Protien salad
5-Paneer salad
6-Sprouts papad tacos
7-Easy Rajma salad
8-Shake in box salad
9-Peanut butter noodle salad
10-Fruit salad
11-Salsa rice cracker salad
12-Saute veg salad
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