Healthy Vegetarian / Vegan salad recipe for Easy Lunch or Dinner – Couscous salad recipe

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Vegetarian Healthy salad recipe – Couscous salad

Eating a healthy salad once or twice a week is essential to balance out the oily and spicy food that we eat all week long. Not to mention the fast food, and the restaurant food that we consume. It’s not that we don’t want to eat healthy food, but our fast-paced life forces us to raid the restaurants and fast food joints. We also feel that healthy food is tasteless, bland food which tastes like cardboard. Most people avoid healthy salads as they feel that their stomach is going to start procrastinating in an hour and then they will start binge eating whatever is available, killing the whole mojo of healthy eating.

But what all of the above issues could just vanish and you could make a salad at home which is very easy to make, with ingredients which are easily available, a salad which will fill your stomach and no hunger pangs for hours, at the same time is delicious. Yes, that is possible just follow my recipe of the vegetarian healthy salad – Couscous salad, and bring a balance in your week. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner. And you can even store it in the fridge for a day or two.

And if you are a non vegetarian, just add your choice of boiled meat.

Don’t miss out on the video as it’s so colorful and inviting that I am sure once you look you will want to make it right away

Step by Step Video for ‘Vegetarian Healthy salad’ Recipe

Ingredients to make the Healthy Vegetable salad

1 cup ‏Dalia / Broken wheat
2 cups ‏Water
¼ cup ‏Parsley
1 big ‏Tomato
1 ‏Green Onion
1 ‏Cucumber
1/2 ‏Green Capsicum / Bell pepper
1/2 ‏Red Capsicum / Bell pepper
1/2 ‏Yellow Capsicum / Bell pepper
½ cup ‏Boiled Corn
½ cup ‏Boiled Chickpeas / Chole
Ingredients for the Salad Dressing

2-3 ‏Lime
1 tsp ‏Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Olive oil
½ tsp ‏Salt
½ tsp ‏Black Pepper

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