Loaded Vegan Potato Salad (#SoFreakinVeganHolidaySeason Recipe 12) – Vegan

#SoFreakinVeganHolidaySeason Recipe 12! Loaded Vegan Potato Salad! #vegan

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*** So Freakin’ Vegan” Holiday Season***
This is the 12th recipe video in my 15-part YouTube series called, “A So Freakin’ Vegan Holiday Season.” With the holidays approaching, I will be posting recipe videos during November and December veganizing 15 of my favorite traditional holiday dishes! In 2018, there is absolutely no need whatsoever to sacrifice animals or to put your own health, and the health of your loved ones, in jeopardy in order to enjoy a delicious meal. Let’s not do that this year. My goal for this new series is to show the world that dead bodies, and the stuff that comes out of them, have no place on our dinner tables. We can keep our traditions without keeping the cruelty… or the cholesterol! I want to help you and your family have a joyful, compassionate, delicious, stress-free, flesh-free, “so freakin’ vegan” holiday season! Detailed recipes for each meal I post during this series (and new recipes, too!) will be sent out to my patrons on Patreon on the first of every month! Sign up here: www.patreon.com/sofreakinvegan

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