Black Bean Vegan Salad – black beans – vegan protein – fitness recipe

I have always loved black beans since I was very young growing up. It is a big part of the Cuban Culture that I grew up in. But we did not eat vegan black bean salad, we would eat black beans and rice. This vegan recipe was something I cam up looking through the fridge looking for something to make quick and light. In the pantry, I found some organic black beans in a can and scored my protein. I then Decided to create a nice healthy vegan fitness recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Products I use in my videos and approve for quality:
Big Boss 16 Quart Airfryer:

Cosori 6QT Premium Pressure


Orient 9.5 inch Damascus Chef

Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef

Nuwave 1300 Watt Induction Cook

Teakhaus Teak Wood Large Cutting

Kotai Hammered finish Chef

Vitamix 7500 High Power


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