Raw Vegan Creamy Stroganoff

Hi Everyone! My name is Joelle and welcome to my homemade Plant Based Recipes!

In my Channel, I am sharing and unveiling the inner secrets of the Lebanese Cuisine and other international Recipes by providing you with clean, nutritious and super delicious Raw Vegan Plant based Whole Food Recipes.

Food plays a major role in Human Life and making clean healthy choices in Food has an impact not only on the Body, but on the Mind and the Soul.

Our Human Nature is a Whole formed of Physical, Mental/Emotional/Social and Spiritual aspects that are inseparable elements for a True Healing resulting in Health, Wellness and Happiness.

Leading a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle covering all aspects is a good way to Success, Self Confidence, Joy and Tranquility.

Following a perfect Healthy Diet by itself is not the solution for happiness; I believe leading a happy Life is a combination of:

1- Healthy Lifestyle (Food and Exercise)
2- Mental Health (Work and Being Outdoors)
3- Social Life ( Relationship with Friends and Family)
4- Emotional Development ( Self Recognition and Acceptance)
5- Spiritual Healing ( Connection with God)

I hope you enjoy my recipes and we can connect and chat about any of the above topics!


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