Recipe: Healthy Vegan Korean Soybean Sprouts Salad aka Kongnamul Muchim 콩나물무침

Healthy Korean Soybean Kongnamul Muchim by 콩나물무침
Omma’s Home

One pound of soybean sprouts
One small to medium size julienne carrot
One medium to large size kirby julienne cucumber
1-2 tablespoon of toasted sesame oil
1-2 tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds
1/2 to 1 tablespoon of soup soy sauce or regular soy sauce
Salt to your taste
Ground black pepper powder to your tate
* Optional ground flaxseeds or chia seeds or hemp seeds

Preparing and cooking: 30 minutes
Serving as side dish: 6 people
Serving as salad: 2-3 people

Diabetic friendly recipe because no sugar is added but carrot is added to give the natural sugar and nutrient. Be creative using this generic recipe by adding noodles, tofu and turn it into a salad. You can add some Korean red pepper paste and it becomes spicy and if you add some noodles (gooksoo) then it becomes bibim gooksoo or noodle salad. I love to add some kimchi to bibim gooksoo and it’s perfect for lunch or dinner. :)


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