Salsa Salad

Salsa Salad

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“Refreshing and light accompaniment to a mexican meal or grilled meat.”

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  • Mix all ingredients and chill.
  • Add queso blanco or tuna for a low carb lunch.

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I’ve been hanging around Zaar for a while, now and have found some really awesome recipes, but more importantly, some really awesome people.

I’d like to thank all of you who have taken the time to try my recipes. Your reviews are a bright spot in my day.

I believe that life is a collection of lessons that we must do our best to learn. One that I’m working on now is not judging those who judge others. I’ve come across this quote and thought I’d put it here: “The world is long on judgment and short on understanding. Judging is easy and self-satisfying. Understanding requires perspective, experience, and empathy.”-Unknown

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