Tangy Bean Salad with Carrots, Tomatoes & Parsley

Tangy Bean Salad with Carrots, Tomatoes & Parsley

This mildly tangy bean salad is delightfully refreshing, high in fiber and protein and relatively low fat. Great for lunch in whole wheat mini pita (to which I add thinly sliced avocado and mild provolone cheese). My husband loved this! I only eat half a mini pita. Note serving size for the bean salad is calculated for 4.Adaptation wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/531


  • * Carrots, raw, 0.50 cup, chopped (remove)
  • * Parsley, 1.50 cup (remove)
  • * Water, tap, 0.50 fl oz (remove)
  • * Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), 2.50 cup (remove)
  • * Vinegar, Apple Cider, 1 tbsp (remove)
  • * mustard, German, 1 tsp (remove)
  • * Green Onion (1 Green Onion), 0.50 cup (remove)
  • * Soy Sauce – Low Sodium – Kikkoman, 1 tbsp (remove)
  • * Sesame tahini (sesame butter), 1 tbsp (remove)


  1. Rinse beans thoroughly.
  2. Combine liquid ingredients: apple cider vinegar, low sodium soy sauce (or tamari), mustard, sesame tahini, 3 Tbls water in bowl.
  3. Add garbanzo or cannellini beans, thinly sliced green onions, grated carrots, diced (or halved cherry) tomatoes and fresh chopped parsley (more is more here!).
  4. Let marinate for 15 minutes or more at room temperature.
  5. I fill toasted whole wheat mini pita bread halves with 1/2 slice mild provolone cheese and thinly sliced avocado (not included in ingredients list or nutritional calculations).
  6. ENJOY! Surprisingly refreshing – don't eat too much of it!!

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