How I passed 2 ROPE WORM PARASITES with this salad | Raw vegan papaya seed recipe | With pictures

I did a very successful parasite cleanse the other day and i wish to share with you all the way in which i did it.

Recipe video:

Written recipe:
Super simple but amazing raw vegan sauce! ✨✨✨
One large papaya,
A few cloves of garlic,
3 long deep red sweet pointed peppers,
4 sticks of celery.
For parasite cleanse add 2 tablespoons of papaya seeds (chili and onion optional)
Blend it up and cut over whatever diced up lettuce and salad veg you have!
And Done!!
You could add a little cumin, cinnamon and chili if you wish to, I loved it just like this though!
The trick is to get good ingredients.
If you get light red peppers with no smell they will likely give no flavour.
I get the really dark red ones, ones that are almost going purpley-blackly. And I get the long pointed ones to as I find they are more flavoursome.
Always make sure your papaya is not green on the outside too. It should be yellow- orange to give you adequate flavour and nutrition.

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