My Family Beet Recipes: Borscht/Borsch Recipe (Beet Soup) I Beet Salad Recipe I VEGETARIAN VERSION

Today I will make 2 of my russian family beet recipes: Borscht (Beet soup) and Beet salad.
These recipes are really tasty, healthy, quick and easy to make.
Borscht is one of the most well-known russian/ukraine meals. Borscht is low in calories (if you skip the sour cream) and full of vitamins and minerals. It is ideal for lunch and dinner. Beet salad is also a classic russian recipe. Try and you will not regret it!

✅ Borscht/Borsch
300 g beets (already cooked)
200 g carrots
200 g onion
400 g potatoes
400 g cabbage
2-3 Tbsp. tomato puree
250 g red beans (already cooked)
vegetable broth
2-3 pcs. bay leaves
10-15 pcs. whole black pepper
sour cream/white yogurt (vegan version: a bit of lemon juice)

✅ Beet salad
4 pcs. beet (already cooked)
5 pcs. pickles
1-2 cloves of garlic (according to your taste)
100 g greek yogurt
1 mocca spoon salt

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