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Today, we will make a vegan seafood salad, and we will be using hearts of palm and artichoke hearts.

A lot of people are shifting to a vegetarian and plant-based diet and lifestyle. It’s also important to sometimes eat plant-based and still get the seasoning or a feeling that you are eating something seafood or meat.

So, today it will be a seafood salad with everything plant-based! And if you are craving a seafood salad and still be able to maintain your vegan and plant-based diet, then keep on watching!

Chopped red bell pepper
Chopped green onion
Artichoke hearts
Hearts of Palm
Dijon Mustard
Capers with the liquid
Chopped up seaweed
Black Pepper
Vegan Mayo

Enjoy watching and don’t forget to take a picture when you try it and tag us on IG @wannabeechef
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