3 Easy To Food Prep Healthy Salad Recipes! (Vegan friendly)

Ingredients listed below!

1st Salad:
Ingredients: eggplant, potato, mixed lettuce, hummus & cucumber

2nd Salad:
Ingredients: cauliflower, rocket, brussel sprouts, spicy flavoured tofu
Dressing ingredients: 4 tablespoons water, half teaspoon mustard, half teaspoon honey & half teaspoon garlic powder

3rd Salad:
Ingredients: Zucchini, sweet potato, chickpeas, mixed leaf salad,
Optional: avocado and drizzle of apple cider vinegar

Please refer to the video for the seasonings used for each salad.

Music: Craves – By my side [[ bit.ly/20W3mTa ]]

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