How to Make Not So-Tuna Salad and Crab-less Cakes | Veguary Cooking Demo Session

Veguary Cooking Demo Session: How to Make Not So-Tuna Salad and Crab-less Cakes

In this presentation, Sahrah Baht Yashaahla will demonstrate how to make quick and easy lunch and dinner entrees using a food processor, chickpeas, and just a few other ingredients. We’ll make Not So Tuna Salad then turn that into Crabless Cakes in just minutes.

About the Presenter:
After reaping the benefits of a plant-based diet for over 18 years, Sahrah decided it was time to share the joy of excellent health and great food with the rest of the world. As a Licensed Food for Life Instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and holistic nutritionist, Sahrah unites her passion for teaching and cooking to empower others to discover a healthier lifestyle one plant-based meal at a time. Sahrah created Minds on Meals to help people transition to a vegan diet. In her classes, Sahrah shares research-based nutrition and health information, cooking demonstrations, and helpful resources.

Connect with her:
Facebook: @MindsonMeals
Instagram: @mindsonmeals

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About Afro-Vegan Society:

The mission of Afro-Vegan Society is to offer information, resources and support to encourage and inspire people in marginalized communities to transition to vegan living.

Since people in marginalized communities are often overlooked by those doing vegan advocacy, people in these communities have little or no access to information that would help them to make healthier, kinder, more sustainable choices. Afro-Vegan Society exists to make sure this information is available and accessible to everyone!

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