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How to make vegan Thai rice salad. Get the full recipe and instructions from:

How To Make Vegan Thai Rice Salad – Best Tips & Tricks

1. Adapt this simple rice salad recipe to your taste
I made this vegan rice salad with a mix of wild and brown rice. I think this is the best combo because it’s the healthier version of rice and it also has a better texture and nutty flavor.

Brown rice has a much healthier nutrient content than its white version and it’s richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals. So I definitely recommend it but I also understand that it may not always be easily available.

In this case, you can replace it with white rice. Or, you could go for the even healthier options like quinoa, barley, buckwheat or bulgur.

Moving on to the veggies, you can go for any kind you like. Just think about the texture when choosing the veggies and keep in mind to chop them into small bite-sized pieces.

If you want this Thai rice salad to have a crunchy texture, you can make it with peppers, carrots or cabbage.

And if Kale is not easily available you can replace it with baby spinach or romaine salad.

Furthermore, I made this vegan rice salad with cashew because I love their sweet and delicate flavor. But you can replace them with pecans, almonds, chopped hazelnuts or walnuts.

Now that you know how to adapt this Thai rice salad recipe to your taste, let’s see how to serve it.

2. How to serve this vegan rice salad

This Thai rice salad is perfect as a main but you can also serve it as a side-dish. It goes great with many dishes like Mozzarella Chicken or Chicken Lasagna.

Of course, it won’t be vegan anymore and if that’s not a problem, then you can add it some grilled chicken or hard boiled eggs.

This way, it will be more nourishing if served as a main.

And if you want it even more filling but still vegan, you can add fried tofu or baked chickpeas.

This vegan rice salad goes perfectly for lunch and dinner. Furthermore, it fits in a lunch box, which means it’s great for meal planning.

3. This simple rice salad recipe is perfect for meal planning.
This simple rice salad recipe is great for your weekly meal prep. You can make it ahead and place it in airtight containers, then keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

But there’s something very important to remember here. Keep the salad and dressing in separate containers and only mix them before serving. Don’t mix them before otherwise, the salad will get soggy.

So that’s about it with the tips and tricks. You’re now more than ready to make this simple rice salad recipe.

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