Ep.86 – This is the best WARM POTATO SALAD recipe and it takes the beloved barbecue and family gathering to a whole new level. We guarantee everyone will ask you for the recipe!

There are a number of things that come together to set this WARM POTATO SALAD apart from all the others. Sure it’s about our appreciation for the ever-popular spud, but something truly magical happens when we toss them in a warm dressing of shallot, mustard, vinegar, lemon and sour cream.

Here’s the lowdown on how to prepare it perfectly.

POTATOES – Baby reds are the only way to go. They’re loaded with potassium and vitamin C, and we love the way they hold their shape when boiled. Handpick potatoes of the same size when you purchase to ensure they’ll cook evenly.

SHALLOTS – More mildly flavoured than other members of the onion family, I’m finding more and more uses for shallots these days..This recipe calls for French shallots (if you can find them) – an elongated and slightly more grey variety. They caramelize nicely in this application.

POMMERY DIJON MUSTARD – It’s like the best of both mustard worlds blended into one; the robust flavour of Dijon partnered with the whole grain pop of Pommery. This might end up being my new favourite ingredient.

SOUR CREAM – The addition of sour cream is what makes the dressing so amazing. Let’s not tell people that I’ve been working on this recipe for months (read: years) and the addition of this creamy finish happened, shall we say, by accident?

RADISH – The radish too was an addition that occurred solely because I had them on hand, and now I’d never make the recipe without them. You’ll understand why when you try it.

Yes, you can prepare a ho-hum salad using mayonnaise and eggs. Of course you can stir up an oil and vinegar version that will suffice. But hopefully, you’re now inspired to try your hand at this recipe sure to get your guests begging for more.

WARM POTATO SALAD just became a thing!

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