AUTHENTIC Fattoush Salad Recipe (Fattoush Recipe Video)

Fattoush Salad Recipe A healthy Vegetarian / Vegan salad recipe. Topped with Fried or baked Pita. Wheat Pita was used in this video but regular white pita is more typically used.

This Authentic Fattoush Salad Recipe was introduced to me in Syria and it is very popular in Syria and Lebanon.

Cooking Healthy delicious food is made real easy with this instructional video. In a mixing bowl, the dressing is prepared with a little oil, lemon and sumac which really gives this salad a distinct flavor. Perfect for a party or those upcoming holidays, your friends and family will love it! For the written Fatoush Recipe visit You will find written ingredients and directions.

Fattoush salad recipes are popular in Middle East and is part of the Arabic Cuisine.


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