Green Salad | Super healthy and delicious Salad Recipe in Urdu Hindi | Flavour of Desi Food – EP 28

Simple salad recipe with Secret Sauce ingredients. Here you have a delicious and very easy recipe for this summer! Greek Style Salad, it’s really simple to make, so full of flavor and Healthy salad.
Very easy and quick Green salad recipe by Flavour of desi food with Sumaira. #Salad #Greensalad #Flavourofdesifood
Try this Vegetable salad recipe at home and enjoy it.

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1. Romaine Lettuce
2. Yellow, Green and Red Capsicum
3. Cucumber
4. Cabbage
5. Carrots
6. Green Apple
7. Tomato
8. Onion
9. Green Coriander
10. Olive Oil 1/3 Cup
11. White Vinegar 2 Tbs
12. Lemon Juice 2 Tbs
13. Sugar 1 Tbs
14. Salt 1 Tsp
15. Black Pepper 1 Tsp
16. Oregano 1 Tsp
17. Chilli Flackes 1 Tsp
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