VEGAN Tuna Salad Recipe | Interview and Cooking with The Plant Based Cooking Show’s Jill Dalton

Jill Dalton & Jeffrey Dalton are the visionaries behind The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking
Show (, a YouTube channel and media platform. The couple knew,
after making the switch to a whole food plant based diet and experiencing profound changes in
their own health, they needed to share the power of a plant based diet with the world.
Together over the past 5 years they have been creating the popular cooking show from their
home kitchen in Cary, North Carolina. The Dalton’s original recipes, cookbooks, and courses
have been used by millions of viewers the world over as they too make the switch to a plant
based lifestyle. Jill hosts the show and shares her mastery for creating tasty and easy to prepare
recipes that incorporate all of the leading research on plant based nutrition. Jeffrey works
behind the scenes writing, designing, filming, producing, and supporting the technical aspects
of the show.


Vegan Lentil Flatbread


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