How to make Chana Chaat | Chickpea Salad | Salad Recipes @ Guru's Cooking

Chana Chaat is one of the healthiest evening snacks to relish and enjoy, it’s a healthy salad recipe, that’s easy to make and have for breakfast, lunch or dinner during summers.

#ChanaChaat is also known as #ChickpeaSalad and is one of my favorite vegetarian #SaladRecipes

Chana Chaat is an Indian Chickpea salad usually made with lemon juice, chopped vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and boiled potatoes, green chilis, and chaat masala (which is an Indian spice mix). Some people also add corn kernels and tamarind chutney (imli ki chutney). In some households chana chaat is cooked a little bit, but in some households its served cold and not cooked.


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