Vegan Chopped Salad With Quinoa – Recipe Video

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A healthy and easy vegan chopped salad with quinoa that you can make in just 25 minutes. See full recipe at:

How to make vegan chopped salad with quinoa – Best Tips & Tricks

1. Rinse quinoa before cooking
These seeds have a natural coating that contains saponins which makes them taste bitter. Hence, most commercial quinoa is pre-rinsed to remove the coating.

But as a rule of thumb, it’s best to give it another rinse before cooking because some bitter seeds might still make their way into the box and from there into your food.

And nobody likes a bitter chopped salad, no matter how healthy it is.

2. Adapt this vegan quinoa chopped salad recipe to your taste.
You can change the veggies in this vegan chopped salad with your favorites, just make sure to chop them into similar sizes. This way, it will be easier to toss everything together.

And here are a few that you can replace them with: carrots, zucchini, avocado, spinach, red onions.

As for the dressing, I wouldn’t suggest you change anything as it’s super delish, vegan and gluten-free.

Make it and if it’s not exactly to your taste, just change it with your favorite.

3. Meal-plan with vegan quinoa chopped salad.
This vegan quinoa chopped salad recipe is perfect for meal-planning.

Make a large batch and store it in airtight containers for up to 5 days. But remember to keep the salad and dressing separate and only mix them together before serving.

Otherwise, the vegan quinoa chopped salad will look soggy and won’t last that long.

Finally, let’s go through the takeaways:

1. Always rinse quinoa before cooking even if it was pre-rinsed by the producer.

2. You can change the veggies in this vegan quinoa chopped salad recipe with your favorites.

3. This vegan chopped salad with quinoa lasts up to 5 days, which makes it perfect for meal planning. But keep it separately from the dressing and only mix them before serving.

All that being said, I am sure you are now ready to make the best vegan quinoa chopped salad ever.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

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