Vegan Potato Salad


Potatoes are a staple at my family gatherings in one form or another. Cheesy potatoes at Thanksgiving and Christmas, baked potatoes loaded with chili for Halloween, and the ever present potato salad at all summer events. So I created this vegan potato salad recipe to bring color and flavor to your next BBQ. It’ll wow your tastebuds, trust me!

Traditional potato salad has eggs either in the mayonnaise or hard boiled in the salad itself. My potato salad swaps the mayo for a delicious olive oil based dressing, and loads up on fresh veggies.

⬢ Step by step:

00:00​ Intro
00:09​ boil potatoes
00:12 add olive oil to bowl
00:14 add pickle juice
00:16 add dijon mustard
00:18 add turmeric
00:21 add pepper
00:24 whisk sauce
00:30 add boiled potatoes
00:31 add olives
00:34 add diced onion
00:37 add diced celery
00:39 add minced garlic
00:42 add radishes
00:45 add dill pickles
00:47 add fresh dill
00:50 mix
00:56 add paprika

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