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High protein salad Recipe| Quickly Prepare Salad Recipe | Homemade Salad | So Easy Salad Recipe

Hi Guys!
In this vedio I’ve made Salad , very very easy to make, ready in just 5 minute, try this Recipe at your home and enjoy.

In this vedio you’ll learn:
1- High protein salad
2- Quick make salad Recipe
3- Salad Recipe
4- vegetable Salad
5- weight loss Salad Recipe
6- 5 minute Salad
7- Quickly ready Salad
8- So Yummy and tasty Salad
9- Healthy salad
10- Easy Salad Recipe

▪︎½ Orange
▪︎2 Cucumber
▪︎1 beet
▪︎3 Carrot
▪︎1 Tomato
▪︎½ Lemon
▪︎Black Pepper
▪︎Chatkhra Powder

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