10 Amazing Food Hacks From People Living in The Future

Grated Tomatoes

You can freeze them just a little to make grating them easier.

Boiling Vegetables Hot Vs. Cold

Premeasured herbs in oil

What a grate idea

Spray your grater with Pam to making grating smoother and keep it clean.

Apples and Potatoes

Store potatoes with apples and they wont grow roots.

Juice A Lemon With Ease

Makeshift Funnel

One thing I don’t have laying around but occasionally need in the kitchen is a small funnel. It’s not often enough that I ever remember to get one.

You can use an envelope or almost any paper as a quick funnel when you need one.

Bad Eggs

Nobody likes to crack open a bad egg. It is unfit for cooking with and you are lucky if you’ve never had to deal with the smell. Now you will never have to again.

You can use the old water trick to tell the freshness of an egg. Eggs gone bad no longer float in a glass of water.

Ultimate Salad Hacking Guide

This info-graphic breaks it down by ingredient. Start by choosing your greens and your main ingredient and when you use this guide you’ll know what to pair it with. I can’t stop thinking about Avocado, bacon and onion with walnuts. That sounds like the breakfast salad from heaven.

Corn on The Cob No Mess Food Hack

This guy is decades ahead of the rest of us. Skewers are always handy when eating corn on the cob but this is genius level stuff here, people. This guy wins the internet for today.

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