Fruit and Vegetable Summer Salad Recipe

In the middle of summer, we are always striving to eat cooler things, this Summer Salad is fresh, light on the stomach and very colorful. It’s a great salad to take-along for picnics, BBQs, cook-outs, pot-lucks or just a quick, healthy snack.Enjoy your summer and stay healthy.
Here is a list of some, or all, of the ingredients that can go into the salad:
Cabbage — chopped
Dried Apricots — soaked for 30 min in warm water and then chopped
Raisins — soaked
Figs — chopped
Apples — chopped
Banana — sliced
Seedless Grapes — halved or quartered
Tomatoes — chopped
Green Beans — blanched and cut
Cucumber — chopped
Pears — chopped
Peaches — chopped
Apricots — chopped
Mango (raw or ripe or both) — cut to cubes
Cashew — chopped
Walnuts — chopped
Pecans — chopped
Pistachios — chopped
Hazelnuts — chopped
Pine nuts — chopped or whole
Almonds — chopped
Salt — to taste
Sugar — to taste
Red Chilli Powder — to taste
Chaat Masala — to taste
Fresh Lime Juice


1. Add all or any of above ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2. Season according to taste.
3. Mix well.
4. Cover and chill for an hour and serve cold.

1. Bananas taste great in this salad but if you are adding it, the shelf-life of the salad is a lot shorter and it needs to be consumed quickly.

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