Kosambari Recipe / Healthy vegetarian salad recipe / Moong dal Salad – Navratri special recipes

Learn how to make Kosambari – a healthy veg salad prepared with cucumber and carrot by Madraasi Deepa.
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Recipe Link – madraasi.com/2017/09/21/kosambari-recipe-carrot-kosambari-cucumber-kosambari-sprig-product-review/

Kosambari is an healthy vegetarian salad, prepared by soaking split green gram or split gram in water, then combining them with vegetables, green chillies and salt. Kosambari is an famous Karnataka salad recipe originated from Udupi, been in Bangalore for almost few years, I have tasted this from my neighbour which is commonly prepared during all festivals at their home. I have prepared two kosambari – Carrot kosambari and Cucumber kosambari.

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