OIL FREE VEGAN SALAD DRESSING RECIPE » strawberry vinaigrette salad dressing

Summer calls for a lovely light salad dressing. This Plant Based Vegan recipe is perfect for those who are looking for a delicious low fat dressing and with it being strawberry season, that is the fruit of choice. I especially enjoy this dressing on arugula salad with toasted walnuts and chopped red onion. YUM!

For full recipe and more about Plant Based Cooking visit our website: plantbasedcookingshow.com/2017/05/13/vegan-low-fat-strawberry-vinaigrette-salad-dressing/


What we use in our Kitchen:
Blendtec Professional 800: amzn.to/36Hsjdn
Nutribullet: amzn.to/2PO5ygY
Stainless Steel Drinking Straws: amzn.to/2YTcehR
Silicone Bread Pans: amzn.to/2RXslty
Cuisinart Food Processor: amzn.to/38JhhpW
Citrus Juicer: amzn.to/2Ezp7EN
Sari Nutritional Yeast: amzn.to/2RWHAmv
Dutch Oven: amzn.to/2PSoUl4
Salad Spinner: amzn.to/36GXhlY

Organic Onion Powder: amzn.to/36DyXkN

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