COLE SLAW Cabbage Salad Recipe – Sugar Gluten free – Carrot Onion Kale cook out tutorial vegan

HEALTHY Sugar free Gluten free fast meal for busy mom dad adult or child
this WAS my secret recipe.. now its your’s. this is a NON SWEET version, goes way better with meats than recipes with sugar or salad dressing and this is a very healthy dish vegan vegetarian again .. not sweet … you can add more mayo and sugar if you want

be sure to peel the carrots.
Carrots Kale Cabbage Lime Salt. the unusual ingredients in this recipe are Kale and Lime.
Kale seems to react beautifully with the Lime and Salt adding a more complex taste to the Cabbage. this allows less oil or mayo for a fresher tasting healthier dish. Vegan Vegetarian

non fire non cooking no fire non fire no heat raw lactose free low fat low carb

you can substitute an oil for the mayo I would recommend an olive or hemp oil or some other ‘flavor’ oil.. you will need more salt if you sub oil for the mayonnaise
you can sub vinegar for the lime if you want.. lime or lemon works better with the mayo as it does not break it down as fast. Apple cider vinegar would be my choice although a white vinegar would work …thats the beauty of it .. you can try just about anything ..have fun

Great side dish for summer cookouts and parties and a great add on to any meal
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not like KFC or Chick fil a publix or kroger not deli sweet slaw ..better best vegan 5 star restaurant.

grated cabbage cagabe karot carot carrot gluten free glutin free glutun free
lets try to avoid GMO non GMO GM genetic genetically modified foods Monsanto goldkist and the rest
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