Chicken and Apple Protein Salad

Chicken and Apple Protein Salad

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Chicken Apple Protein Salad

I included a recipe below for those that need or want something strict to abide by—but to be honest, this post is for all those who don’t necessarily need a strict recipe, but simply need a little inspiration.

I get it—I am the queen of looking up “recipes” with no intention of using the recipe.

Sometimes you just need ideas, and from there you can do your own thing and get creative.

Yesterday I decided to get creative with my salad.  Tuesday is almost always salad night at our house, but I needed a little more substance yesterday because I worked out twice.

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After some brainstorming and pantry raiding, I landed on a chicken salad with fruits, nuts, seeds, and feta cheese.

I started with a head of butter lettuce—because it’s my absolute favorite—but you can use any kind you want.


Chicken Apple Protein Salad


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