Dry Bean Salad Recipe Healthy Vegetarian Türkish piyaz

Dry bean salad recipe High protein healthy and satisfying
Ingredients for dry bean rye recipe Boiled dry beans
One egg for three people Egg cooking pot
Black or green olives Hard and red tomatoes
White onion or purple onion Green pointed pepper can be painful parsley
Original lemon juice These materials for 150 people
Add boiled beans to dry Boil the eggs for ten minutes Chop the onions very thin Quarter ring
Add chopped onions Prepare green peppers Chop green peppers thinly
Add cold water to the baked egg Add chopped peppers Chop tomatoes thinly
Add chopped tomatoes We add cold water to the eggs Scrambled egg You can cut the eggs this way
Easy egg cutting technique Easy to process with wire strain relief Add chopped eggs Before adding parsley, we add the grape
Add olive oil garlic Crushed garlic
 Plenty of lemon juice
Add pomegranate sauce and vinegar
Add the mixture to salat Finely chop the parsley
Add chopped parsley Add black or green olives
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